Patient-Centric Technology

To challenge outdated user technology in the health care sector, we built a fully integrated Platform as a Service (PaaS).  

Our seamless patent-pending technology creates simple solutions to complex problems,  from an SSO app to full AI user intelligence and management.

All the health care network discounts in one app with Single Sign On.

A seamless user experience is created for live data access to all connected health care providers.  

Revenue Generation

A proprietary integrated AI-Driven advertising platform and live provider booking system with distressed inventory options opens revenue generation gateways for providers and networks.

Immediate insights to growth opportunities & loss prevention

Software Driven Automation

Full flexibility and integration of networks and providers with complete user management and control.

AI Driven Ad Platform

Machine-learning health care provider ad platform, based on user interaction.

Online Booking

Proprietary booking engine gives immediate connection between patient & provider.

Plug & Play Networks

API-driven full flexibility to add and remove any health care network within minutes.

Instant Eligibility

Direct user integration to all health care eligibility databases.

User Intelligence

Creating meaningful interactions driven by user engagement.

User Management

Full access control and automated analysis by individual and groups.

Affordable health care for everyone through technology.
We are VURV Health.