Save on medical visits to over 450,000+ doctors and more than 60,000+ hospitals and facilities nationwide.

Your current insurance may not cover everything you need. VURVhealth finds you savings on several services not included in many traditional insurance plans. Perhaps you just have insurance for the “big stuff.” If you’re not meeting your deductible (what you pay before insurance kicks in), VURVhealth is a great alternative for immediate savings on the small stuff. Plus there’s no waiting with VURVhealth. Our doctors and facilities are pre-approved. See your savings instantly!

This is NOT INSURANCE, but VURVhealth can save you money in a lot of common medical situations.

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No health insurance

When you don't have health coverage.

Underinsured health insurance

When you’re underinsured w/coverage gaps.

High deductibles

When you’re facing a high deductible with high initial out-of-pocket costs.

Waiting too long

When you’re waiting too long for claims to be processed and to receive reimbursements.

Instant savings

Get instant savings when paying out-of-pocket for doctor visits and treatments.

Average doctor visit savings

Save an average of 38% on doctor visits.

Average facility visit savings:

21% on inpatient claims, 16% on outpatient claims, 27% on ancillary facilities visits.





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