VURVhealth Helps Associations:

Enhance the value of association membership

Retain & increase membership enrollment

Gain affordable nationwide access to medical providers for all members

Revenue opportunities and flexible subscription packages

Everyone is accepted – no limits on use, age or residency requirements

Standalone billing module / auto-renewal payment

Paperless – deliver marketing materials electronically

Admin portal with analytics dashboard and reporting

No hassle with printing and mailing physical ID cards

Affordable options

VURVhealth is NOT HEALTH INSURANCE; we bridge the gap where traditional health care falls short by giving your association members access to affordable health and wellness treatments and services.

Hassle-free solutions

We provide a hassle-free, affordable solution not only to the uninsured, but also to the insured with high deductibles to meet, and to those who fall somewhere in between.

Quality care

With current health care options becoming unaffordable, and sometimes unavailable for so many, VURVhealth allows you to provide a supplemental, affordable option that enables your employees to see a doctor and maintain quality health services and treatments, instead of opting to skip vital health care visits.


Our easy-to-use solutions are designed to provide your association members total health care access at the palm of their hands.

Unlimited network access

Through our VURVhealth mobile app, association members get unlimited access to a network of quality physicians, facilities, health specialists and prescription drug pricing at pre-negotiated discounted rates. We customize innovative programs that mean significant savings for you and your association members.

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