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Welcome to Your Health DMO.

You’ve heard of PPO and HMO. Now get to know VURVhealth DMO. Our Discount Medical Organization (DMO) plans are not health insurance. But they provide discounted health services to fill the gap for times when you don’t have insurance. Or you have insurance with a high deductible. Either way, your VURVhealth DMO plan makes sure that you can always afford to take care of your health.  Plus, enrollment is always open. And pre-existing conditions are welcome.


Through a monthly membership and nationwide network of providers, you get unlimited access to a wide variety of doctor and clinic visits, medical treatments, prescription medications, dental, vision, and alternative health services — all at significantly discounted rates.


VURVhealth is perfect for individuals, families, freelancers, and small business owners looking for affordable health options.


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VURVhealth Member Benefits:

Save money

With fixed pre-negotiated rates

Affordable monthly rates

Fraction of medical insurance premiums


When visiting a doctor or pharmacy

Eliminate surprise billing

After the visit

No deductibles

to meet to realize benefits

Access multiple networks

from the convenience of a mobile app

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