The VURV Health Story:

We're on a mission to make health care more affordable for everyone.

Through our proprietary patent-pending technologies we make it simple for patients to quickly identify health care savings and transparent pricing for common wellness issues. 

As one of the largest discount medical networks in America we aim to simplify pay-as-you-go health care services that can be used with or without insurance.

Drew Golden,
Founder & CEO

“Growing up, I worked in my dad’s pharmacy after school. It was a small neighborhood shop where my dad had a personal relationship with all of his customers. In that time, I saw first-hand how good people struggled to pay for their expensive medications.

In later years, it pained me to see my friends and family also struggle to cope with the rising costs of their health care as their premiums became unaffordable, their deductibles out of reach and they were forced to figure out how to put food on the table, pay their bills or get treatment. I thought there must be a better way.

So, for the past 10 years, I have been committed to stand up and create positive change for those people being taken advantage of by health care’s current state. That’s why we started VURVhealth.”

Executive Team

Drew Golden

Co-Founder /
Chief Executive Officer

I am fiercely driven to constantly create new, affordable health options and will never stop fighting for access to affordable health care for our members.

Justin Hayward

Co-Founder /
Chief Operating Officer

Moving from the UK, I have experienced first-hand a decade of challenges with the American health care system, I truly believe we are a huge step forward.

Dmitry Shteyn

Chief Technology Officer

Our technology makes it simple for everyone to access more affordable health care services and take back control of their health care costs.